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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Support for Palin Among Conservatives is Fading

Whatever your politics, and whatever your hopes for the outcome of this year's presidential election, there is one thing that cannot be ignored - Sarah Palin is, "Clearly Out Of Her League," writes conservative commentator Kathleen Parker, formerly a staunch supporter of the Republican Alaska governor-turned-vice-presidential-nominee, whom she once said, "makes feminists look like sissy-girls."

A video clip of Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy blasting McCain's choice of Palin as a running mate when they thought they were off-camera has been widely circulated (see below).

Now, though, criticism comes from an early supporter of the vice-presidential candidate, culminating with a surprising demand - for Palin to drop out to, "save John McCain, her party, and the country she loves."

If you want to read how Parker's support has faded, read her columns in order:


Blogger Eric Dondero said...

The elitist wing of the conservative movement have always been wary of us libertarians coming into the GOP. Sarah Palin is one of the top elected libertarian Republicans in the country, (along with Idaho's Gov. Butch Otter, and Cong. Jeff Flake of AZ).

Of course, she's going to make some conservatives nervous.

They are wary of her libertarian cultural views. This is the woman, after all, who famously fought back against social conservatives in Wasilla who wanted to run all of the bars and taverns out of town.

But what she loses from the social conservatives, she gains 10 times over in libertarian votes.

Figure, Libertarian Bob Barr was polling 6% nationwide in mid-summer. As high as 10% in New Hampshire. And post-Palin he's now down to 1%.

With Sarah Palin, the libertarian wing of the GOP has finally arrived. Of course, that's going to make some other Republicans nervous.

8:38 AM

Blogger Seth said...

Eric, that's just plainly false. Palin is certainly no libertarian. When she was elected mayor, one of the first things she did was ask which books she could ban from the library. When a California court ruled that requiring students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school was unconstitutional because of the words, "under G-d," Palin insisted that the city would continue, specifically BECAUSE of those words. She also opposes abortion in all cases but immediate threat to the mother's life as determined by a doctor. Finally, she also believes that same-sex couples should not receive family benefits if they are state employees - she even wrote that these rights are "reserved for married citizens as defined in our constitution." So, in other words, she 1- thinks that the constitution already defines marriage, and 2- an employee of the state who is married to a non-citizen is not entitled to spousal benefits.

I will not go into my own views on any of the above subjects in general (my views on gay marriage, for example, can be found in an old post of mine here: - but I will say that this shows she is in no way a libertarian, upper-case 'L' or otherwise.

11:19 AM


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