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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Seriously, I don't know what Ned Lamont was thinking. It could all be much ado about nothing, with Lamont winning in November and Democrats around the country winning seats on the wave of dissatisfaction with Republicans and the status quo. But what if it's not? What if this does lead to a split in the election (and others like it), leading to Republican pick-ups? Or what if it splits the party by driving its base further to the left and leaving the centrists wondering if it's really their party anymore? Could this destroy the Democratic Party for the long term, even permanently? Could a third, centrist party be formed? What if driving a wedge in the Democratic Party was all part of a Rovian tactic to begin with, way back before he came to prominence in 2000? What if driving the Republicans to the far right was meant to drive the Democrats even further to the left, making it more comfortable for centrists to choose to be either moderate Republicans or Independents who vote Republican, or even to create a third party, which would essentially destroy the Democrats? I'm not a conspiracy theorist. But maybe Lamont is a right-wing plant?


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Unity08, baby!

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