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Friday, May 12, 2006

The "Phone"y Open-Mindedness of Left-Wing Talk Radio

There is a "left-wing" talk radio show that I listen to almost daily. It's called the Ed Schultz Show, and the reason I normally listen to it is that he usually makes well-reasoned points, rarely getting into arguments with callers, even though he invites people who disagree with him to call in, and they do. Ed is usually as cool as a cucumber, listening patiently to the comments of those who call with a difference of opinion, and discussing their difference of opinion openly and clear-headedly. At this point his is one of the only two shows on the radio I still listen to, because of the following:

On Friday I called his show, and I actually got through. I believe this is because he was at his son's graduation, and most of his listeners tuned out when they realized someone was filling in for him. I actually was about to tune out as well, until I heard an interesting comment come out of the mouth of his substitute, Jay Marvin. He was upset that conservatives are railing about amnesty for illegal aliens and how it's unfair and unjust because they broke the law. His main complaint was that he didn't hear these same conservatives complaining about the president breaking the law with the domestic wire-tapping program.

I called to say that I don't want amnesty to be granted to illegal aliens, because it is unfair and unjust to offer the same advantages to law-breakers that law-abiding citizens get, or worse, to offer those advantages that are not offered to people sitting in other countries, waiting to be allowed in legally, and that I also feel that the president broke the law with the domestic surveillance program. This is just how I feel, and I wanted to say, "here I am, a conservative (at least someone he would consider a conservative), who wants no amnesty for illegal aliens and also feels the president broke the law."

Since the purpose of the left-wing talk radio movement was to give a voice on the radio to the left, after years and years of talk radio dominance by the right, and to create a more balanced atmosphere with free speech and open-mindedness, I assumed that my opinion would be heard and welcomed on this left-wing show. Unfortunately, Jay Marvin apparently didn't feel that "open-mindedness" ought to be extended to people who didn't fit his ideology or anyone who wouldn't help him prove his point that everyone on the right is evil and has what he called, "selective morality".


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