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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What am I? Don't ask!


Well, I took this quiz that's been going around. At first I was very wary of it. Like most of these online quizes, I assumed this one would be poorly conceived, ill-defined, and shallow. But I have to say I really like it. And it summed me up pretty well. I answered all of the questions as honestly as I could, and below is the result. I'm "Huh?", which is actually kind of what I've always ended up making people say whenever I've expressed more than one of my views within Orthodoxy at a time. User Test: The Orthodoxy  Test.

What are you?


Blogger timorous kid said...

i took this test a few weeks ago and got the same result... stupid test!

9:03 PM

Blogger Seth said...

I used to think it was stupid, but I don't now that I actually took it. If you read your statistics, you would have noticed that your answers had too high of a percentage in multipile different categories to place you into one. And for me it was actually a perfect read. I'm absolutely committed to Judaism, but I'm not interested in being in a box. I analyze everything carefully before making choices, and I try to learn about everything that I don't understand. This puts me smack in the middle of "Huh?".

8:57 PM

Blogger Koppie said...

According to that test I'm Modern Orthodox. Which I know isn't true (I'm moderate Conservative, maybe even liberal Conservative, depending on where you are). But as the quiz states at the beginning, it's meant for a limited spectrum. I'm probably too far left to even register properly.

I found I didn't even understand a lot of the terms in that quiz. That's kind of odd. I'm still a Jew, right?

5:02 AM

Blogger Seth said...

Jordan, you're right. I think you probably responded with the most liberal responses, and so you were classified as Modern Orthodox, the most liberal classification on the spectrum that the author of the quiz was trying to measure. Chances are you just scored off the left side of the charts.

My stats had high percentages that fit the author's criteria for one classification, and high percentages that fit the criteria for another classification or two as well. That's how I got my score. My reason for posting it is to show that I don't fit the stereotypes. But at the same time, I recognize that some of the stereotypes are very valid. Others are based on valid assumptions.

It's 100% geared towards people who identify somewhere on the spectrum of Orthodox.

4:49 PM


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