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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shalom Bayis

Oh boy. Here it is. We knew it had to happen sometime.

The Wings are playing the Oilers in the first round of the NHL Playoffs as we speak.

Here are the rules (so far):

1. The rivalry cannot begin more than half an hour before each game.
2. The rivalry must end at the conclusion of each game.

Ali wants some rules to be slightly biased in her favor because the Red Wings are the favorites. I don't think that's necessarily a good idea, but we'll see how the series goes.

I just got a look from Ali because she didn't realize they had already played one game (neither did I, which, thank G-d, she believed). So I'm going to end this here and watch the game with my wife.

Wish us Hatzlahah (success) in getting through this series happily.


Blogger Just Shu said...

You truly dissapoint me, you didnt know when the playoffs started???? Did you at least break out the "Wing Nut" for game 2?

Enioy battling your wife, May her oilers lose the next three games and go back to Canada :)

1:18 PM

Blogger Seth said...

First of all, game 1 was on Friday night. I don't read Saturday papers until after Shabbos, because of the problem of Nolad (personal lecture available to anyone who needs a definition of that Hebrew term - let me know if you want it).

Second, my Wing Nut is missing. I am also missing a heck of a lot of other stuff I put away in storage at YU in my final year. Most of it is significantly more expensive than the Wing Nut, although I don't believe any of it is quite as rare or hard to come by.

Third, we are not "battling". That's what the post was about. We don't want to battle. We love each other, Baruch HaShem. The idea is to focus ourselves so that our relationship is more important to us than sports.

But speaking of sports and the greatest sports town of them all, how about them Tigers? Too bad they're 2-10 at home. That means it's still painful to be a fan, b/c if you want to watch the games you have to actually attend them in person, b/c MLB has NO Tigers games aired on national television this year (that I am aware of), and so you're never going to see them win. Good old Tigers, keeping up the tradition, going on 13 years now. (The last time they finished with a winning record was in 1993 - also the last time I followed baseball closely. I went away to camp with the Tigers fighting for the division lead or a wild card spot, and I came home with them in the basement. Yeah, also the last time I went to camp.)

Third, I don't so much hope the Oilers lose (because I am a supportive husband) as I hope the Red Wings win. It's just unfortunate that they have to both be in the playoffs the same year. Maybe after Stevie Y retires and the Wings begin to fall apart, the Oilers will have a couple of good seasons while the Wings build themselves back into a contender. That way they can sort of pass each other in their eras of greatness without affecting each other negatively. Wouldn't that be grand? K, clearly I'm overtired. Laylah Tov.

1:29 AM

Blogger Just Shu said...

u suck...First you were happyt that teh Spurs won the championship last year. Now you hope the wings fall apart after Yzerman retires....

9:42 AM


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