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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So apparently it's difficult to just "come back" when one wants to, in terms of blogging. I think it's because I'm not working full-time. When I was, I would spend all day on the computer, and I would have to go online when I got home in order to see to some things that needed my attention after work, and in the lulls I would blog. Everyone I know who blogs spends hours online anyway. I don't spend hours online anymore. In fact, I have gone days without even checking my email - a very strange phenomenon for me.

I apologize to everyone who has been urging me and asking me if I am every going to come back. My Kashruth investigation had to be put on hold for the same reason. I haven't been going online for hours at a time on a daily basis since right after I started my inquiry, and that has simply led to my general absence from both my blog and my projects that require an online commitment.

Anyway, I just figured I'd give an update to my activities of late.

I'm waiting for word on a particular job, to which I applied a very long time ago. I have received a conditional job offer, dependent upon my ability to pass various tests. I've passed the basic tests, but I have to undergo a series of other tests and I'm still waiting.

I'm also waiting for a part-time job to begin. I was hired by an accountant who recently moved to the area - he is older and married a local widow, and he is slowly moving himself down from New Jersey. He has an established practice there and has been slowly moving everything down to be able to work from a new home-office they just built as an addition to their house, etc. He paid for me to take an income tax course through H&R Block during the fall semester, and I will be doing tax preparation for him. This is to give me something to do during tax season, to make some money, while I wait for the other job to come through.

I currently serve on the Mid-County Citizens Advisory Board here in Montgomery County. We're an official county commission, established by the County Council, along with the Up-County and Down-County boards, in order to represent the general sense of the local citizens on various issues, and advise the County Council as to how we feel they ought to approach and vote on various issues. This isn't nearly as impressive as it might sound - I didn't have to run in any election to get this position; it was an appointment, and I had to apply and interview for it, like a job. A committee of the sitting Board interviewed me, they recommended me to the County Executive, who nominated me (without ever meeting me - he just went on their recommendation), and the County Council confirmed me (also without ever meeting me, just going on the recommendation).

So there it is. My life over the last few months summed up in a few paragraphs. Again, I'll try to continue blogging again soon.


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