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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm back!

Maybe. Well, for now at least. I had been on a roll with blogging, posting every week to ten days, and I had been getting lots of hits from all over (although my comments had sort of stopped coming in, but that could be because I had stopped commenting much on others' blogs). In any event, I would have thought that I was on such a roll that could not be stopped, and that I could have only continued to post and post and comment and comment and grow and grow. But, that didn't happen and so I cannot honestly say that I am back for good, because we can never know what the future will bring, can we?

So, I've been asked repeatedly about my Kashruth Kwetht. Needless to say, that train has been delayed. (My apologies to Mr. Steven I, in case he is reading this - the fact that I got sidetracked almost immediately after my conversation with Rabbi Weinreb, and after assuring you that I would post a report "today" was just a matter of bad timing). I do hope to be back on track with that project sometime after Sukkoth. I don't really think I have the time to pursue it right now, nor do I believe that those with whom I wish to speak have the time to give to me until after the Hagim anyway.

A quick game of catch-up on what I've been doing lately:

1. I'm taking a class at H&R Block in taxes. I'm going to work for an accountant here during tax season. If you'd like to know how I got into this, feel free to contact me to find out. If you know me, you probably know of some way of contacting me, so I don't feel that I need to post my information on the web. This class has taken up a great deal of my time, even more than the 12 hours a week I had thought it would. There are 6 hours of scheduled class per week (two three-hour sessions), with about one hour of homework per hour of class. Unfortunately, the particular class I'm taking tends to go over the alloted time on a regular basis, without actually finishing the material. This requires extra time spent at home, completing the material not covered in class, before going on to complete the homework for the next class.

2. I've been driving carpool for our neighbors' kids. The mother doesn't drive because she is from New York. She's working on learning how to drive, but in the meantime they need someone to drive the kids to school. They're very friendly, very nice, very interesting people, who let me play their xbox whenever I want.

3. Ali and I are going Las Vegas for Sukkoth. It's not quite what it sounds like. Ali's cousins have moved there, at least for now, and they have invited us to visit and spend the holiday in a hot, dry climate, as opposed to Detroit's cold, wet one (or fending for ourselves here). Ali's Grandma is also coming (because it will be 11 months since we last saw her). Grandma decided that, since we're going to be in Vegas, and we're going to have a car, that we are going to take one day of Hol HaMo'ed and drive to Fontana, California (outside of Los Angeles), to visit her sister. This has turned into a whirlwind relative-visiting trip, which is now going to include Grandma's cousin in LA, my great uncle (also in LA), and any and all grandchildren of the aforementioned who live anywhere around LA. The good news is that we are not going door-to-door to visit them all, but are meeting everyone at a restaurant for dinner (except for Grandma's sister, whom we are visiting at their house).

I'm not sure what else to include, so I guess that will be all for now. If I don't post again before Yom Kippur, have a good fast
(good=meaningful+not too difficult).

Gemar Hathimah Tovah for a Shanah Tovah.


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