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Monday, July 11, 2005

Please Daven

I apologize for not posting frequently lately. I'm in the middle of working on two posts - one which may not make it, and one which will likely be a long-term research project.

In the meantime, please Daven (pray) for my Bubby (grandmother). Her Hebrew name is Rachel bat Perel (I'm breaking from my preferred transliteration style for the sake of simplicity, and I hope never to have to do this again).

She was hospitalized last Friday with a heart arythmia (sp?). She hates doctors and, even though she wasn't feeling well, decided she would wait until after July 4th to see someone. Fortunately my mother and my aunt were able to convince her to see her doctor, and he ordered her to go straight to the hospital. They gave her medication and realized that she had bleeding ulcers, which she had neglected to mention, of course, and the medication made them bleed excessively. She spent a couple of days in the ICU (under protest) and yelled at the surgeon for implying that she might need his services. (Did I mention that she hates doctors?)

Anyway, she's in a regular room in the hospital now, but could still use some prayers. If you have any messages for Bubby, please feel free to leave them. Anything inappropriate will be deleted, of course, but please don't make me do that.

Thank you.


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Please send her a Refuah Shelemah from the entire Blumenfeld family. Let us know how she's doing.

2:59 PM


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