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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More about the weather

So summer in Washington is pretty intense. The heat is just crazy. Ali and I were here two summers ago, but I still wasn't prepared. We moved in last summer and experienced about half of the Washington summer, but I still wasn't prepared. I spoke to the IPA interns at orientation and made a half-joking comment about how I hoped they were all enjoying the weather, and not to worry, it will only get worse, but I still wasn't prepared.

Monday night was the worst so far. And I want to emphasize, so far. It was after 9pm, the heat itself was in the 80s, and the humidity was in the 90s - AFTER a thunderstorm, which, in most other places I've been, breaks the humidity, pulling the moisture out of the air and putting it into the ground. Oh, no. Not here! Washington was built on a swamp. The story goes that they chose Washington because it is so nasty in the summer that nobody in his right mind would choose to live here, and, therefore, nobody would become a career politician. Clearly that didn't quite work out, but if you've been here in the summer, you know that's definitely a believable story.


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