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Thursday, May 19, 2005


No, not the way to go!

Come on, Rick Carlisle! Are you kidding me?

As moving as the ovation at the end of the game was, and as much of a Pistons fan as I am, I just did not like the way the game, and with it Reggie’s career, ended.

First was the block. Ben Wallace, whom I love as a Pistons fan, as a former bench-warming, defense-oriented, blocking high school basketball player, ruined what could have been Reggie’s glorious exit. Obviously I wanted Detroit to win. And I think they would have won anyway. But when Reggie comes off the dribble to lob an off-balance three-pointer with under 30 seconds to play and an opposing player reaching for the block, it’s just wrong to actually succeed in blocking that shot. That’s Reggie’s shot. I mean it was his final game. You’ve got to let Reggie have his heroics, even if his team ends up losing.

The final sequence was even more disappointing, because it was more than just Reggie losing in his final bid to win a championship. It was a concession by Coach Carlisle. The Pacers are down 8 with Hamilton at the line for a second free throw. He’ll end up hitting it and putting the Pistons up 9. For most teams, under most circumstances, that’s when you pull your best player off the court and let him rest early. But this is an elimination game in the playoffs. And not only that, you have Reggie Miller on your team. And not only that, it’s Reggie’s final season.

You’re down by 9 with 15.6 seconds to go in an elimination game. Do you give up? No! You push till the buzzer. If you have Reggie Miller on your team and you’re down by 9 with 15.6 seconds to go in ANY game, much less a playoff game, MUCH less an elimination game, do you give up? Heck no! It’s Miller Time! And you’re telling me you’re going to let Reggie retire like that? Come on, Coach! That’s when you prove yourself and you let Reggie prove himself (once again). Down by 9 with 15.6 seconds to go IS Miller Time. You create a play for Reggie to get a 3 and then make a quick foul. You get a quick stop and another quick Reggie trey. One more stop and another Reggie 3-pointer at the buzzer and you go to overtime. You may lose in OT, but Reggie gets his heroics.

I am a HUGE Reggie Miller fan. On numerous occasions I have thought about whether I would be satisfied to witness Reggie get a title at the Pistons’ expense. The ovation was incredibly moving. People were crying and I was on the verge.

But it just wasn’t right.

You know, when Rick Carlisle was fired after two consecutive successful seasons, I was outraged. I was one of the many dumbfounded Pistons fans who just could not understand why you would get rid of the coach who made that difference. Now I understand. He just wasn’t that great a coach. If you can’t even think of an option that could potentially allow Reggie Miller to score 9 points in 15.6 seconds, the man who scored 8 in under 9 seconds, you just aren’t that good of a coach. It’s just about isolation and stops. As a coach, if you’re down by fewer than 10 points in an elimination game in the playoffs, and you have Reggie on the floor, you absolutely do NOT pull Reggie out of the game. The ovation was nice. But what about the game? What about his legacy? The Pistons didn’t win the game, Coach Carlisle gave it to them. The man is all about class, but in this case it was purely style over substance.


Blogger Ari said...

Seth, I totally disagree with your posting about Reggie and Rick Carlisle. First of all, 9 points IS insurmountable in the NBA with 15 seconds to go, especially against the Pistons, who were like 18-20 from the line last night. It's different in college, where teams may still be in the "one and one" situation, but with Billups, Hamilton, et al on the Pistons, Carlisle rightly recognized reality and decided to give Reggie a "moment."
You're too hard on him to see this incident as reason for changing your entire impression of the Pistons' termination of his contract with Detroit. (Personally, I'm thrilled to have Brown, but think RC deserved better. And I'm also getting tired of LB's refusal to give young kids any minutes).
As a Pistons fan, I can't even contemplate rooting against them because I like some athlete on an opposing team. Especially Reggie. So he's been around for a long time and hit some exciting, clutch playoff shots? Big deal. He played in the Eastern Conf.'s central division and thus, was a rival of Detroit. I applaud his career but always considered him 'the enemy.' Just like Jordan. Not that he's even in the same league as Jordan. As ESPN rightly noted recently, Reggie was an above average, exciting player to watch, but not the 'Superstar' many people make him out to be. Karl Malone is, in my opinion, more deserving of an NBA ring (or at least he was, till he sold out to the Lakers)...Ari

2:58 PM

Blogger Just Shu said...

seth you suck...I was watching the gae with a friend and told him that I hopoed the Pistons were up 1 with a few seconds to go and Reggie threw up an airball. i thought thta would be a fun ending to his career. Maybe in typical Reggie fashion he would kick his leg, and fall, and the whine about not getting a call. I was issapointed that he got anoter shot off, albeit a brick, after Ben's block. An airbal would have been sweet. So long to the NBAmost overrated player.

12:13 PM

Blogger Seth said...

OK, first to Ari:

Of course I didn't actually think it necessarily WOULD happen. That's the beauty of Reggie. You NEVER thought it would happen. And then it did!


Do you even remember when we were at YU and we were watching the NHL Playoffs (the what???) b/c the Wings were in it, and during the intermission we agreed to let e/o else in the room watch the Pacers vs. Whomever game. It was towards the end of the game so we figured why not. But then when the Wings game was about to come back on and the Pacers were down by something ridiculous with about 45-50 seconds left, we got into a fight with everyone about changing it back. Remember the fight? And we did finally switch it back to hockey. About 2 minutes later there was a commercial so we switched it back to basketball, and on the TV we saw everyone going crazy b/c Reggie had led the Pacers back to a crazy finish. I don't remember if they won or if they tied and went to OT, but I think they won and it was nuts and we almost got chased out of the room b/c we had changed the channel and everyone missed it and was like "you can't change the channel when the Pacers are down with a minute to go!"

That's my point. You don't have to agree.

Go Pistons!

9:30 PM

Blogger Just Shu said...

I remember that day...did reggie win a championship that season? seems his clutch shooting didn't get him to far

9:02 AM


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